Privacy Policy

Special care is taken by us at Home Collection Loan to ensure that the information that you provide us remains safe and secure. To safeguard your personal details we have made use of various advanced safety measures. You are requested to go through the privacy policy thoroughly so that you can rest assured that your private information will never be misused.

At Home Collection Loan we will never collect your personal information without your knowledge. We will never share the information that you provide us with any third party. However, in order to find a better deal for you, we may need to share them with other lenders.

However, there is no need to provide any personal information just to browse through the pages of the website for reference purpose. You are free to visit our site every time without providing any details. The privacy policy is meant only for this website. Thus, if you are visiting the third party links make sure to read their privacy carefully before browsing them.

At Home Collection Loan we hold complete right to change the privacy policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes made will be published in the website. Thus, you are requested to visit us at regular interval to be aware of any such changes.

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